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Professional security services in Birmingham tailored to your needs

Here at 4 Forces Security Services, our security company in Birmingham offer a range of high-quality security services all with one aim - To protect your business or personal interests. SIA ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001

Security Services in Birmingham

If you’re searching for a professional security company in Birmingham to ensure the safety of your property or belongings, 4 Forces Security Services can help. Located near Birmingham, we offer 24/7 security services designed to provide local businesses peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking for mobile patrols, key holding, retail security, event security, CCTV monitoring, or SIA licenced security guards in Birmingham, we’re proud to have served businesses specific requirements for 19+ years to prevent theft or damage.

It doesn’t matter the size of your organisation, big or small; we take immense pride in protecting companies from in the local area. Contact our friendly team to get a free quote for services from our security agency in Birmingham.

When choosing a security company in Birmingham, it's important you can trust them to look after your property or belongings. With 4 Forces Security Services, you can count on our professional team to do the job correctly and efficiently. Our security services in Birmingham are affordable and cost a lot less than if you had to pay for property damage or stolen goods.

SIA licensed security guards in Birmingham

Our SIA licenced security guards in Birmingham are professional, uniformed and trustworthy individuals who are carefully vetted from short-term to long-term assignments. Our security company in Birmingham offers some of the best security guards to protect your property and have worked with some of our clients for as long as we have. If it’s a last-minute security requirement or a long-term position that needs filling, you can trust 4 Forces Security Services to handle it.

Whether it's a construction site you need guarding in Birmingham, or a abandoned property that needs patrolling, 4 Forces Security Services only employee the best members of staff who are trained and dedicated to carrying out security services in the Birmingham area.

Security guards Birmingham

Static Security Guards

Our Static Security Guard services in Birmingham can provide a physical presence at any of your commercial or domestic locations within the local area. This is a core security solution that offers a real prevention to any suspicious activity. Some businesses will start looking for a security firm in Birmingham to prevent anything from happening, however, the majority will only seek security services in Birmingham because of an incident involving theft, damage or crime. Make sure your belongings, staff and property is safe at all times with a physical security guard present.

We want to help protect local Birmingham businesses. Our manned security guards in Birmingham are highly trained and qualified to take care of your property or site. Many criminals will not even bother trying to proceed when they see that there is a security guard present because it's too much hassle. Having a security guard at your Birmingham business will help deter potential crimes from occurring. For the best security company in Birmingham, contact 4 Forces Security Services today for a free quote.


Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrol services in Birmingham include a mixture of marked patrol vehicles, stationary officers, and foot patrols to successfully deter potential criminals. Having a regular visual presence will deter away criminals.


Mobile patrol Birmingham
Key holding services Birmingham

Key Holding

Businesses in the local area need to be aware that the responsibility of securing their premises falls to their owner, so if you do not have internal security personnel in place, our professional 24/7 key holding services in Birmingham gives you peace of mind that your premises is safe and secure.


CCTV Monitoring

We have a dedicated CCTV Monitoring station that is able to monitor your business or home 24/7. Our surveillance equipment is provided and installed by our highly trained specialists in Birmingham. Security matters don’t compromise for the sake of saving a bit of money.

For a rapid, professional response and 24HR control room, 4 Forces Security Services are the local trusted CCTV security solutions for total peace of mind. Contact our friendly team for a free site survey to see how our CCTV security services in Birmingham can help protect your property and belongings.


CCTV monitoring Birmingham
Security services Birmingham

Lock & Unlock

Our Lock and Unlock service in Birmingham guarantees that your premises will be fully locked overnight and reopen again in the morning ready for your staff to arrive on site. This service limits the number of potential internal security breaches.

Our key holding service in Birmingham limits the number of potential internal security breaches and ensures that only responsible people have the keys to your property or safe.


Vacant Unit Checks

Guard­ing a vacant prop­er­ty full time, may not be afford­able or nec­es­sary. Our Vacant Unit Check service in Birmingham can be offered as a one-off check or as a regular check to prevent squatters, vandals and fly-tippers from damaging your commercial or domestic property.

We understand that not all businesses require 24 hour security presence. Are you looking for a security company who offer vacant unit checks in Birmingham? Vacant property inspections help make sure that any property management issues such as water leaks, appearance of mould/damp, broken fence panels, are dealt with.


Vacant Unit Check Services Birmingham


We are privileged to have worked with many clients across a variety of industries, here is what a selection of our clients say about our work.

Our static security services in Birmingham are suitable for all types of premises, large or small, including:

gate house security

Gatehouse Duties

Reception Security


Manned Security

Manned Guarding

retail security guarding

Retail Security

Event Security

Events Security

Construction Security

Construction Security

Corporate Security

Corporate Security

Bespoke Security

Bespoke Security

School Security


Warehouse Security

Factories and Warehouses

Office Security


Residential Security

Residential Properties

Why you should choose 4 Forces Security Services to protect your business

We work with businesses across the UK and are committed to offering you a tailored and quality service. Our services are competitively priced and we only offer you what you need, we never compromise the quality of our services for cost.


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The world of security is constantly evolving and you can’t afford to fall behind: read our security blog to stay on top of industry trends, news and insights.

30th August 2022

Security services provide peace of mind. Security officers provide a sense of security by being able to respond in stressful and threatening situations.

18th August 2022

Business owners use closed-circuit television (also known as video surveillance) across the country. These TV systems transmit video feeds from security cameras around a property to create a closed circuit. Unlike broadcast TV, the signals are not broadcast and cannot be viewed by the general public. What is CCTV's primary benefit? Businesses can reap multiple benefits from CCTV systems, including increased safety and productivity.

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