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Friday 28th September 2018

Wedding security – not always the most glamorous thing on the wedding to do list but still an important part to keep your celebrations in order!

Monday 3rd September 2018

For anyone who own a premises – whether it be commercial or residential, security is always important.  Whilst alarm systems and CCTV monitoring go a long way to help keep your premises secure, there are other things you can do to minimise risks.

Monday 20th August 2018

Choosing a reputable security firm is extremely important so do your homework when looking for the right company. Here we can offer you some pointers in what to look for when hiring security.

Wednesday 25th April 2018

To some businesses, security measures are a necessary evil. It’s a question of spending money in order to prevent something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

Friday 20th April 2018

The 4 Forces team will be exhibiting at the ‘Challenge of Making Business Sustainable’ event on April 25th.

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6th June 2022

Closed-circuit television (also known as CCTV) is a surveillance system that allows you to keep an eye on your business and surroundings. CCTV security systems include cameras and monitors that can view live events and recorders that preserve the footage for later reference. These security systems that use CCTV cameras are different from regular television sets in that they don't receive broadcast footage. They receive only footage from local security cameras.

18th May 2022

Your CCTV will only record reactively, so you won't be able to stop crime from happening on your property. Only respond to it. Even then, it's unlikely that you will catch the culprit. Due to problems with CCTV evidence, many crimes go unsolved every year. The reactive response doesn't work as well as it used to.

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