4 Forces offers various security services to any business, including static security guards. We are security guard providers and strive to provide affordable, simple solutions that everyone can use. You can be confident that the right security guard company is securing your business.

What Security Services Are Available?

You must be familiar with the options before fully appreciating the benefits of security solutions. 4 Forces Security offers manned guarding, key holding, alarm response, mobile patrols and site security, as well as other security services.

Each business's security requirements will be different, so that each solution will have its own benefits. 4 Forces Security offers a wide range of security options, so you don't have to look further than 4 Forces Security when looking for security guards in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

What security can you bring to your company?

Protection of Assets

Businesses often seek security services to protect their assets. Business owners must invest significant amounts of money in the company's assets and property when establishing a business premise. It is only natural that business owners should take various precautions to protect their investments.

Commercial buildings are susceptible to theft, vandalism, and damage. This is why preventative measures must be taken. Because cameras and alarms are not immediately responsive, a physical security guard is more effective in deterring such incidents.

The Wellbeing of Employees/Clients

Businesses must ensure the safety of their clients and employees. Safety is paramount in all aspects of life. All companies should do everything they can to ensure safety for everyone who comes into contact with their premises.

People who want to take advantage of the business or cause damage can put employees and clients at risk. A present security guard is the best option in this situation as it allows for any potential issues to be resolved. This will reduce fear and possible injuries and make everyone feel more secure and safe.

Productive Workforce

Security ensures the safety of your clients and employees and makes them feel at ease. Your employees can produce the best results if they feel safe and secure in your workplace. Comfortable employees can focus on the task at hand and not worry about external distractions or worries.

Employees will feel more secure if there is someone they can call in times of panic. A security guard is the best option to ensure your employees feel relaxed and perform their duties to the best of their abilities.


Specific industries, like medical premises, educational establishments and legal firms, require high levels of confidentiality. While much documentation can be stored online, some documents are still kept in physical form for filing purposes. This could spell disaster for individuals and businesses if the documents are lost.

It is an intelligent decision to invest in security systems and manned guarding in the areas where this documentation is kept. This will enable you to track who has access to these areas and highlight instances where security was compromised.

Protect Your Business with 4 Forces Security

Are you confident about your company's criminal deterrent system? Contact 4 Forces Security if you aren't. Our team is available to assist you with any of your inquiries, requests for quotes, or request a callback. We can provide more information on our operations and offer advice about our services. For greater security, secure your business today with us.