1. An immediate crime deterrent

CCTV cameras installed at your premises will immediately or seriously deter criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activities. Anyone with criminal intent is far less likely to attempt to break in if CCTV equipment is fitted.

2. Keeping your staff safe

As well as keeping unwanted people out, CCTV is very useful for keeping your staff safe and reducing potential dangers to your personnel. This is especially relevant in high-risk areas of a factory, where dangerous materials, large machinery or fire risk is prevalent. With strategically placed cameras, this can help monitor all activity and even ensure that emergency measures are in place to reduce the risk of accidents to staff.

3. Return on Investment

Prevention is the name of the game with CCTV security systems. They are a highly effective way of stopping costly incidents, like break-ins, from occurring. CCTV should be regarded as a sensible investment from the moment it is installed and operational. Having a complete view of your premises, as well as real-time recording and fully managed remote online access, is the best way to reduce the risk of burglaries, vandalism and even fires.

4. Reduction in Insurance Premiums

If you have made every effort to keep your premises secure with CCTV monitoring services, this could significantly reduce your building insurance premiums.

5. Making your business more efficient

As well as assisting hugely with crime prevention, CCTV can also help make your business more efficient and productive. The ability to monitor staff when they are coming and going, and keeping records of deliveries and visitor numbers to the building, can all contribute to ensuring the business is operating to its optimum. It may even bring to light areas where improvements can be made. You can't physically be everywhere at once, but your CCTV will ensure you can.

6. Acting as the Detective

It will provide the most effective way of collecting evidence of what happened, increasing the chances of the crime being solved and suspects being brought to justice. It might also provide valuable clues where there might have been shortcomings in your security and identify any parts of the site which might not have been seen as high risk. It might also highlight maintenance issues that need addressing.

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Our CCTV specialists can tailor a surveillance solution appropriate to your premises and proportionate with your budget expectations.

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