4 Forces provides a variety of security services across the UK. We are well-equipped to help you in your security journey. Protective measures like ours are important because we understand the dedication business owners and managers have to their businesses. Continue reading to learn more about security options and determine which one is right for you.

Alarm Response and Key holding

We are proud to be a leader in key holding services and alarm response. Our clients receive a professional, efficient security service. 4 Forces can handle all the key holding duties for a business.

Business owners can rest assured that professionals will promptly attend to their alarms. Senior staff members are not inconvenienced by alarms or placed in potentially hazardous situations.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrol service is here to protect your business from theft, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour. We guarantee a customised service to meet the requirements of each client when it comes to protecting their business against threats. Licensed security officers provide mobile manned guarding services, who will be assigned a route to cover both the inside and the outside of the premises. However, intruders will not be able to identify vulnerable times according to a set schedule.

While cameras, lights and alarms can notify you of intruders, they are often delayed. This allows criminals to cause damage and then leave. Mobile patrols are more effective because manned security officers can respond immediately to disturbances. A physical presence on the spot is also a deterrent.

Static Security

We are proud to be one of the leading providers of site safety in the Midlands. Our security guards can open and close your premises, assist with reception duties, watch CCTV, and monitor suspicious behaviour. They also perform physical security checks. 4 Forces guards will be stationed in a gatehouse or control room within your premises to respond immediately to any suspicious behaviour.

Site security is a great way for companies to monitor their entire premises and be on-site to diffuse any problems that might arise quickly.

Vacant Property Security

Because the public perceives vacant properties as unmonitored, they are most at risk of vandalism. 4 Forces can be very valuable in deterring criminal activity and responding accordingly. The security of vacant property is crucial for the integrity of the property and protects the safety of the public, who could be at risk from illegal activity.

If you want to preserve your unoccupied property's safe, presentable and secure nature, it is worth considering vacant property security.

Protect Your Business with 4 Forces Security

4 Forces offers a wide range of security services to various industries throughout the West Midlands. We can help with all your security needs. Get in touch to learn more about our security options.