What can you do to ensure your business is protected 24/7, despite the rising cost of security guards on-site?

Do not panic! Remote CCTV Monitoring is the solution. Modern alarm receiving centres are made to protect your employees and assets to best suit your needs.

This article will cover all you need to know regarding remote CCTV monitoring services and the benefits they can bring your business long-term.

What is remote CCTV monitoring?

Remote CCTV Monitoring is the act of having your video surveillance, and CCTV cameras monitored remotely by a professional security company or Alarm Receiving Centre 24 hours a day.

This service connects your CCTV cameras with an off-site monitoring station via wired internet or 4/5G connectivity. This service allows you to have a team of security professionals monitor your building remotely, taking away the risk of criminal damage, break-ins and trespassing.

The on-duty security guard will instantly be alerted by motion sensors and video analytics to any suspicious activity at your site. The on-duty security professional will then be able to review the footage and decide what type of response is required.

Remote CCTV Monitoring: What are the benefits?

Remote CCTV monitoring offers many advantages over traditional security systems, surveillance cameras, and even on-premise security guards.

You might have the best burglar alarm system in the world, but how trustworthy can it be? External monitoring of your premises can catch illegal activity fast and stop it before any damage is done. Although you might believe you have all the security measures to protect your business, the reality is that you will never know until you are confronted with the full brunt of trespassing or property damage.

We use CCTV to prevent and deter crime, not after it has occurred. We'll be highlighting four key benefits of remote CCTV monitoring that make it a great option.

1. Price

Remote CCTV monitoring can be a cost-effective investment for businesses that require 24/7 security. When combined with professionally placed cameras, remote CCTV monitoring gives you all the benefits of an on-site security guard at a fraction of the cost.

2. Security - Increased

Although it might sound like a smart move to install a security camera on a wall, if you only use it reactively by reviewing the footage for evidence, you won't be able to deter criminality.

Remote monitoring teams are highly skilled and can deal with break-ins and trespassing much quicker than the average person. They will be able to scan your premises and identify the incident in seconds.

Remote monitoring teams will be able to monitor the alert around the clock. This ensures that any signal will not go unnoticed. An on-duty professional can view the event in real-time means they are likely to receive an immediate response from emergency services.

3. Reduce false alarms

False alarms are a part of any security system. False alarms can happen, whether a fox is in your car park or Ian is returning from his accounts late to retrieve his lost laptop.

You've probably dealt with false alarms on your own in the past. There is a chance you will disturb your neighbours and waste police time. Both of these are likely to land you in hot water.

Professionals can monitor your CCTV and make this easier. They will be able to identify what is quickly and is not a threat, so your business can be protected. The monitoring service should have complete control of your system. They can activate false alarms without sending out technicians or key holders, which will save you both time and money.

Last Thoughts

Convinced? We thought so. There are many reasons to get a monitored CCTV system right now. It's timeless - CCTV systems evolve and get better every day, but having a dedicated team of response personnel will be valuable in protecting your property.

Next, you need to choose the right CCTV monitoring partner. You will have access to your company on many fronts from the provider you select. Make sure you check out the most recent accreditations and qualifications. These are great ways to show that the provider is trustworthy.

We at 4 Forces Security know how to keep your business secure so that you don't have to. Our rapid response team will ensure that your business is safe no matter where you are.