Remote CCTV Monitoring is built to protect your assets and employees in a way that meets your needs. This article will explain everything you need regarding remote CCTV monitoring services.

What is Remote CCTV Monitor?

Remote CCTV Monitoring allows professional security companies or alarm receiving centres to monitor your CCTV cameras and video surveillance around the clock.

The service connects your camera to an off-site monitoring Centre via wired or 4/5G internet. This allows a team of security professionals to monitor your building far away, taking the worry out of managing break-ins or criminal damage.

The security guard will immediately detect any unusual activity at your site using motion sensors or camera analytics. The security personnel will then be able to examine the footage from their control rooms and determine the best type of response.

If you have the right equipment, remote security personnel can audibly challenge any intruders using a speaker system. This will warn them to stay away from anything. This keeps your eyes on what's happening and allows you to monitor the ground from wherever you are most needed. This provides peace of mind, knowing that in the unlikely event of something happening, the monitoring services will be able to react quickly and catch the culprit. This increases your chances of preventing theft or damage.

You may have even heard of remote monitoring. It is an outsourced version of the CCTV operations we often see on TV and films. You can picture the security guard sitting alone in a dimly lit area, illuminated with the light from the monitors.

It is like having a virtual Security Guard but without the expense of hiring someone to be on-site at all hours - or for specific times when your business closes. A security officer who is never on duty. A security officer that refuses to take sick leave or take any time off. A security officer who can focus on all your cameras at once.

The great thing about remote monitoring services is their ability to be flexible to your requirements. You can have your business monitored at all times or just as often as you need it.

How does Remote CCTV Monitoring work?

When your security camera detects intruders, fire, or other unusual activity, it immediately sends an alarm to the remote monitoring station. This allows them to evaluate the situation.

Your CCTV footage from the incident is automatically routed to their screens after the alarm is answered. They can then search other cameras in the location to provide context to the police and keyholders. They can also use the linked speakers to speak directly to the intruders, who are notified before an incident occurs.

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