The Benefits Of Static Guarding  

Static security guards can be hired to safeguard your business. They are uniformed security agents who will personally protect your business from the exterior or inside. Their static guards provide extra protection during office hours or even out of hours.

Prevents unauthorised visitors  

The guards can be a good deterrent; they can deter and keep unwanted visitors away from your property. You can prevent conflict by not allowing anyone into your property without permission. Any personal data on-site and valuable equipment will be protected from damage and theft.

Safety for visitors and staff  

Static guards can protect your staff and visitors, prevent unauthorised entrance, and provide additional security against potential threats such as attacks or accidents that might occur at the property they are securing, whether it be an office, shopping centre or stadium. 

Peace of mind  

A static guard on site will provide safety for your workers and visitors. It can also protect the assets they work so hard every day to create. Vandalism is still possible, so you can avoid potential problems by keeping an eye on visitors or employees who may be angry at our company. 

Additional eyes  

Static guards can serve as your additional pair of ears and eyes. They won't prevent accidents entirely but will help ensure that any mistakes or violations of the protocol are noticed. They can also alert the authorities as soon as possible to minimise damage or harm.

These are some of the top FAQs that we have answered 

What is the role of a static security guard?  

A static security patroller performs many duties; they guard against trespassing and other criminal activities, such as vandalism, that may occur at-site.

In security, what is a "static post"?  

Security personnel are an essential part of any business. Without them, your business or residence is at risk for burglary, attacks and other issues. Security guards are available near the access points to monitor and ensure your property and people inside are secure.

Why choose 4 Forces for static guards? 

4 Forces Security has a reputation for delivering highly trained and devoted security guards in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. Maintaining the safety and security of your business and its facilities is critical to its success. Our SIA licensed security guards are trained in risk assessment and crime prevention and provide a reassuring presence for your personnel and customers and a visible deterrent to prospective perpetrators.