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As there are only essential stores being allowed to stay open during lockdown, businesses are now having to shut down their doors and many staff members are working from home. Security has become a top priority for businesses because their premises are closed or have reduced staff.

With police forces anticipating this to rise during the lockdown, it is imperative now more than ever to ensure your security measures are up to date and effective in preventing theft, damage or harm.

Maintain your physical security and procedures at all times

Petty criminals still are looking for lapses in people’s security to take advantage of. Don’t let your guard down just because there is a lack of people on the streets.

A CCTV system can be a major deterrent against crime

CCTV cameras that are capable of remote viewing or motion detecting are a highly effective way of deterring theft.

Use a safe to protect any valuables you have

Always choose a high grade safe that your insurance company approves of. They are great for storing any petty cash or valuable documentation.

Consider having mobile patrols

The patrols perform a complete exterior inspection of your premises at each visit, checking alarms, CCTV set ups, windows, doors and other points of entry.


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The current COVID-19 situation is already proving to be a difficult time for many businesses. Problems that may arise due to a security breach could further impact your company, so prevention is always the best idea.

4 Forces Security is a leading provider of integrated security solutions: including, manned guarding, mobile patrol, key holding and alarm response. With over 15 years of experience in providing effective and crucial security methods and techniques to our clients, we pride ourselves on our excellent service. We are particularly proud of the family values and traditions, maintained within our company ethos.

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