Today we are talking security advice for your business!

Anyone else sick of putting the news on lately and seeing crime, death and Brexit everywhere?!? … Yep, same here.  It seems that nearly everyday i watch the news on TV, read the Express & Star or look through online news it’s yet another knife crime in Wolverhampton or stolen cars in Birmingham.  It’s never ending.  It has been widely reported that crime levels are always on the rise, just take a look at the West Midlands crime stats.

As a security company we offer a service to help people keep their properties safe whether this is commercial or residential.  All the services offered are bespoke to each customer so we can ensure they are getting the absolute best service and their exact needs are being met.  This is obviously a very important service and is our business.  We do however like to help where we can by providing people with as much free security information as we can.  We have been in business over 15 years now and have a vast understanding and wealth of experience in security, meaning we know what to look for!

It is amazing the opportunities a thief will take.  You may look at your building and see an oldish looking window with a weak frame and keep thinking ‘oh i must get round to replacing that, it looks horrible.’  A thief will look at the same window and think ‘Oh, a really easy entry point to that building.’  Staff members may open all the windows in the middle of summer, in the rush to leave when it turns home time, you may get one who forgets to close their window and thinks nothing of it.  This is again a great way for a thief to break in.

Over the years we have seen many elaborate schemes and way’s people have broken into buildings.  This ranges from cutting the power in the local area, ramming control boxes for shutter of the wall, people coming in through the roof.  We have seen people come through weaker/wooden parts of a building and completely clear out the whole premises of stock.  The larger theft operations are always planned out in advance, they will scope the building for weeks, even months.  This helps them to understand the pattern of the workers and the premises.  They usually try to cause a small amount of damage in order to see if any alarms go off.  If the alarms do go off they will monitor how long it takes for someone to arrive and who it is who is actually arriving.  This then allows them to pull off these larger scale burglaries.  We have had many clients who have had no security on their site and it has taken one of these break in’s for them to start seriously thinking about the security.

We have put together a checklist which you can download and print off to help you check the basics.  You can use this as the basis of your initial security checks to assess how safe your building, your assets and your staff are. To download please click the below

Click here to download our Site Security Checklist

We have put this together in the hope to be able to help people out with the basics of security.  If you need any further assistance please give us a call at the office on 01902 712000.