Wedding security – not always the most glamorous thing on the wedding to do list but still an important part to keep your celebrations in order!

Many venues now require security to provided at receptions in order to ensure things are kept safe and under control – it always helps keep anyone away who isn’t on your guest list! 🙂

Here at 4Forces we have been providing security for weddings throughout the West Midlands for a long time now and are well established in that sector.  We specialise in Asian weddings but do also provide security for all different types of weddings.  It’s a very easy process, we charge by the hour with prices starting from just £12 an hour.  We discuss your requirements and ensure the service is tailored to meet your exact needs and the guard provided is fully trained and meets your required needs.

Usually our guards are based at the venue entrance to being with, they can check people of on a guests list if this is something you require and can also provide bag searches.  They will then patrol the premises to ensure everything is in order throughout the celebrations.

Asian Weddings

We specialise in Asian weddings and are very well experienced in this field.  Many of the Asian weddings we provide security for require a security guard to be based in the home of the Bride or Groom or both to protect the property whilst the family is out enjoying the festivities.  We fully understand the sensitive nature of having a guard in your home and therefore we always use one of the specially trained guards specifically for this type of security guarding so you can be rest assured your home and any weddings gifts are 100% safe.  Whether the guard is based in your home or in one of vehicles outside the premises you can be guaranteed a top quality service.

We can also provide security for any of the events to ensure the safety of the guests.  We are happy to discuss your requirements and tailor the service to meet your needs.  Give us a call now on 0845 003 9500 to find out more.