For anyone who own a premises – whether it be commercial or residential, security is always important.  Whilst alarm systems and CCTV monitoring go a long way to help keep your premises secure, there are other things you can do to minimise risks.

With crime appearing to be ever rising and more and more businesses being targeted by thieves is it time to review your security?

With over 15 years in the security industry here are our top tips on those little extra’s that can really make the difference when it comes to the security of your premises

1/ Thieves will often scout out a premises over a few days in order to see the ‘routine’ of the building.  Always make sure all staff know they should report any suspicious activity straight away  – no matter how small.  Seeing the same car or person in the vicinity often is always a give away that your site is being eyed up

2/ Check the perimeter of your site regularly.  Any gaps or holes in fencing makes your site vulnerable. It is easy access for unwanted visitors!  Make sure damaged fencing or walls and fixed straight away

3/ Make sure there is nothing piled high making access easy.  If you have a big mound of rubbish or anything near a wall or fence, thieves will use that as an easy route to enter – or escape

4/ CCTV really is a must for all premises these days, however thieves often cut power cables prior to a break in.  If you are in a more rural location it is always worth investing in manned guarding for your site for extra protection

5/ Anything valuable do not leave on site and with easy access.  There has been a rise in opportunistic criminals, they see something which looks easy to take and valuable and just go for it!

6/ Over our 15 years we have found there is a surge in break in’s in the months leading up to Christmas.  Always ensure you have security in place, or a great CCTV and alarm response service in place during this time period to minimise being a target.

7/ We often find premises that have easy ‘access’ points are more of a target.  This is things like old windows that are easy to pop open, flimsy doors with old locks, windows with the older grills over.  It is best to have strong secure windows, covered with a shutter, big fire doors or shutters over main doors often deter thieves because it’s more work having to get through

8/ ALWAYS change codes and locks when employees with this information leave the company.  It is surprising how many break in’s we see that are inside jobs, horrible as it is.  It’s vital to make sure this is done to minimise any risks.

9/ Visible security works a great deterrent if there has been a spate of burglaries local to your premises.  This is things such as regular mobile patrols throughout the night or a visible onsite security officer, doing his patrols.  This shows anyone trying to get on site there is security and you are prepared.

10/ Always, always, always stay on top of your security.  It is so important to carry out regular risk assessments, assessing possible entry points for thieves, make sure your cameras and alarms are always working, speak to other businesses in the area to see if there has been break in’s, or check on the police website crime checker.  If you need security service make sure you go with a reputable firm! – More tips on choosing a good firm you can find here.

For any information on the security services we officer, please visit our service section.  You can also contact us via phone or email