Choosing a reputable security firm is extremely important so do your homework when looking for the right company. Here we can offer you some pointers in what to look for when hiring security.

When it comes to security – whatever type you are looking for, manned guarding, mobile security, keyholding & alarm response, open/locks or vacant unit checks it is vital you use a trusted, experienced and competent company.  With all industries these days you come across the ‘cowboy’ companies, just looking to make a quick buck and not carry out a proper service.  This is NOT something anyone wants when it comes to something as important and sensitive as security.

As a highly reputable and well established firm we want to help you ensure you know what to look out for when you are researching security.

So what do you need to look for when you are looking at security firms to work with?

– Don’t be fooled by a great website. This doesn’t necessarily mean the firm is experienced or even a reputable security firm.  It is very easy to have an all singing and dancing website these days to look much more established than you are

– You maybe asked question about the size of premises, how many alarm panels are on site, duties involved etc., as this helps when it comes to quoting a price. However you should never be asked for alarm codes in an initial phone call

– A reputable company will always ask to book in a site survey with you in order to be able to send out a representative to meet with you, look around the site and what is involved and then give you a proper quotation based on everything they have seen

– Official documentation should be sent to you to sign and read through before any work begins

– The company should be able to provide names and phone numbers of references so you can check with these before hand and ask about the service

– If you require the SIA badge of the guard/s who will be working on your site the company should be forthcoming in providing this information and you can check the licence is valid by typing it into the SIA website

– Do your research, have a look at online reviews.  Check the social media – not only what they are posting but who is responding.  This gives an idea of if they seem reputable and engage with local businesses etc., Also online reviews help to gauge if they have been in business long and how they are doing

– Have a look at the accreditation’s of the business

– A good, reputable security firm will also listen to exactly what you want and help you when it comes to deciding on the type of service which is best for your premises.  They will not just try and force the most expensive service down your throat.

These are all great pointers in things to both look out for in order to help you choose the right firm.  As tempting as it maybe to just gather quotes and go for the cheapest, you may end up suffering if you have’t done your research.  Trusting a security firm with your keys, codes, access to your premises and trusting them to ensure it is always safe is a big thing and you absolutely MUST choose well.  Any reputable firm will always be open to any questions you may have about their practices and policies.

We have been in the business since 2003 and have worked extremely hard to gain trust from our clients by offering great service, being transparent and honest.  We have been rewarded by having a great client base of amazing local customers who have been with us for years.  You can find our more about the areas we cover, our accreditation’s on the about us page.  We also offer the popular ‘try us before you buy us‘ meaning we do 3 months of static security just on a rolling monthly contract – with no notice period, so you can get to know us before you committing to us.

We are available via phone, email or live chat for any questions you may have.