The 4 Forces team will be exhibiting at the ‘Challenge of Making Business Sustainable’ event on April 25th. The event, which is due to take place at the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, will run from 10.00 am until 13.00 pm. It’ll represent a first for the 4 Forces team. Despite being established in 2003, we’ve up until now relied upon traditional networking and word-of-mouth reputation. Now it’s time for us to get proactive and show locals how thorough and professional security services work.

pvc bannerThe 4 Forces team pride themselves on their customer service. It’s our friendliness, reliability and knowledge of the industry that have kept customers coming back year after year. However, we know that in a market as competitive as ours it’s crucial that we make ourselves open to the public, business owners and the local community. It’s our team that make the company what it is. More than logos and special offers, it’s our staff who’ll demonstrate why we’re the best provider of security services in the West Midlands.

We’ll be taking our brand new banner, which we think looks rather impressive. We’ll also be taking a number of our specially designed marketing material and 20% off keyholding vouchers. Our keyholding service typically costs just £1.00 a day, with the voucher we can offer a further saving of up to £75.00. We know of no service that can be as comprehensive and affordable as ours.

We hope to see you on the day, make sure to grab a keyholding voucher!

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