To some businesses, security measures are a necessary evil. It’s a question of spending money in order to prevent something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place; whether it be vandalism, theft or other forms of criminality. Unfortunately, crime is a fact of life and in many areas in the United Kingdom crime levels are rising. At 4 Forces, security should be so much more than a simple precaution; we want to add value to your business.

We believe 4 Forces Security Guards do just that.

4 Forces Security Guards are individually trained in meeting the requirements of every site they cover

4 Forces Security Guards are all highly-trained and SIA-Approved. They’re accustomed to operating in a wide-variety of settings in a broad range of roles. They include:

1) Static Security – Our guards can provide on-site security for businesses of all kinds, whether they be SMEs or corporations, office, retail or industrial sites. Duties can include regular patrols, reception and concierge duties, monitoring CCTV and locking and unlocking your property down to the last window.

2) Mobile Security – 4 Forces possesses a large and modern fleet of clearly-marked security vehicles. Our guards can provide patrols at your sites at the dates and times you specify, whether it be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

3) Keyholding and Alarm Response – 4 Forces security guards specialise in providing thorough keyholding services. They’ll rapidly respond to your alarm activations (typically within 20 – 30 minutes), remain onsite until all issues are investigated and resolved and provide you with a thorough report of their findings.

4) Dog Handling – 4 Forces can provide highly-trained and approved dog-handlers. This service is particularly useful when a site is experiencing difficulties with larger groups of intruders and potential criminals.

5) Event Coverage – 4 Forces security guards are accustomed to providing security to weddings of all varieties, parties, private functions and public events.

To 4 Forces your site isn’t just another, well, ‘site’. We know that we’re dealing with your livelihoods, businesses and homes. We’ll protect them as if they were our own.

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